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Welcome to Genesis Center of WNY, Inc., a beacon of hope and sustenance nestled in the heart of South Buffalo, NY. As a dedicated not-for-profit food sustaining agency, we are committed to nourishing the souls and bodies of our neighbors-in-need who grapple with hunger on a daily basis.

At Genesis Center, our mission transcends the boundaries of circumstance, serving a diverse clientele that includes Veterans, the Homeless, the Mentally Challenged, Elders, single-family households, and the working poor. Our doors open wide to welcome all who hunger, embracing them with compassion and a commitment to alleviating their struggles.

Our Offerings: We proudly operate as a weekly Food Pantry, where the bounty includes fresh produce, meats, frozen items, nonperishables, and prepared meals—crafted with love and care. Beyond the pantry, our Soup Kitchen stands as a sanctuary, open four days a week to serve hot, nutritious meals that not only nourish the body but also foster a sense of community. Our neighbors-in-need gather, sharing meals and forging connections that extend beyond the dining table.

Beyond the Plate: At Genesis Center, our commitment extends beyond providing sustenance. We understand the multifaceted needs of our community and strive to meet them head-on. In addition to groceries, our shelves are stocked with essential household items, ranging from baby food and diapers to adult incontinent products, toiletries, Narcan, condoms, and even pet supplies. We aim to provide comprehensive support, acknowledging that a helping hand comes in many forms.

Our Impact: With open doors four days a week, our Soup Kitchen feeds nearly 750 hungry individuals, while our Food Pantry, open once a week, serves 450 registered clients and their families. The impact of our efforts reverberates through the community, forging connections and fostering resilience in the face of adversity.

Support Our Mission: To sustain and expand our outreach, we seek support from foundations, government agencies, grants, and compassionate donors like you. Your generosity enables us to continue the fight against hunger in our most-needy and underserved community. Become a friend and donor to the Genesis Center by clicking on the Donate tab, where you can choose to contribute or become one of our valued bronze, silver, gold, or platinum members.

Together, let us transform compassion into action, ensuring that no neighbor goes to bed hungry. Join us at Genesis Center of WNY, where every meal served is a testament to the strength of community and the power of shared humanity.


What makes us different?

Genesis Center Soup Kitchen begins in the basement kitchen at St. Simon’s

Episcopal Church where we served 50 – 60 hot meals for lunch.

A search begins for a larger location as the need to feed many hungry people arises.

Food Pantry is serving 30 families a week.

In proximity to our current soup kitchen, we purchase a condemned bar at a city auction. Then the design and construction begins.

Food Pantry is serving 35 families a week.

The Genesis Center Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry leave the church basement and now have its own awesome location.

We add another Soup Kitchen meal because the need to feed even more hungry people continues to emerge.

We are growing, so, another Soup Kitchen meal is added.

Food Pantry is serving 45 families a week.

And even another Soup Kitchen meal is added, making that 4 hot meals a week.

Food Pantry is serving 50 families a week.

Covid Happens – Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen food MUST be handed out the back door while practicing social distancing.

During the peak of Covid we handed out over 1000 meals a week

We are now open to feed and serve our good neighbors inside the building again.

Soup Kitchen serves 600 meals a week.

Soup Kitchen is making 750 meals a week

Food Pantry begins feeding over 120 families a week

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